Shipping Surcharges

Shipping charges are calculated automatically by weight.


However Royal Mail calculates shipping charges by a combination of weight and size/shape.


Therefore certain items which have a low weight but are too thick to be dispatched as a Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’ or are of sufficient length that they need to be dispatched as a Royal Mail ‘ Medium Parcel’ may incur a shipping surcharge.


Typically this will happen with small quantities of small section stock which is longer than 12” or a light weight item which is thicker than 1” such as a small casting, adhesive or soft solder flux etc.


Depending on the item, once the combined shipping cost has reached our lowest Royal Mail Small Parcel or Courier rate then there ceases to be a problem, but if a single item or selection of items of low weight are ordered,  which trigger the size category we will send you a supplementary invoice by email.